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Others NEED You

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "It was just like any other day, but out of the blue I felt the urge to text a friend I had not contacted for the past five months (at least). I knew this friend, who lived a few states away, had issues with depression due to past abuse and other disorders, but I had not made the effort to reach out to her in a long time.
But that day I texted her, and she responded very sadly that she was not doing well. Then later that day I learned that she was going to the hospital for her third suicide attempt!!
This devastated me. BUT then she told me: **"Thank you for being the one to text me this year. You gave me a reason to smile, a reason to live."**
Thank God I followed the urge to text her! Now I make an effort to reach out to her regularly and be the friend she really needs.
There are people around you who need you. Just to send them a text, flash them a smile. It can make all the difference.
This is why Living is So Big for me. 
Posted by admin1 on Saturday, January 21 @ 13:07:53 CST (178 reads)
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FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living Is So Big for me because my friends.  I have had many come and go.  But the ones that are here today truly care about me.  I am grateful for that. 

Posted by jagudo on Friday, July 05 @ 17:37:05 CDT (285 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Best friend and Brother

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "


LISB because in ONE moment you are happy and then the other you are sad.   ONE moment you are smiling and the other you are crying.  Another you are breathing and then you may simply be not!!!!

Now, I have known Chris since the third grade and we used to always hanging out together.  No matter what was going on, he was always my Best friend.  After not seeing him for so many years, all of a sudden we reconnected after not talking to him after for 8 years or so.

I reached his website and read his story. I just realized that Living is sooooo huge!!!  After 8 years of Faith knowing that ONE Day we would see each other again. IT HAPPENED.  The Power of Faith leads US to magical happenings .... I'm thankful for still having my Best friend and Brother!!!!!

Posted by jagudo on Friday, May 03 @ 19:09:03 CDT (296 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Together

FRIENDS meganlaughs writes "

Today I finished a memoir for my school. I wrote about the moment I learned about my friend committing suicide and the moments after. It was really hard for me, but he inspires me. The life he lived, his faith in God, the happiness he gave me, and the friendship he shared to me.

The first night I met him we went and saw a movie together. The second night we went and sang karaoke with another couple. We got up to sing 'Eye of the Tiger.' Now that song is sacred to me. Now looking back  on the lyrics - they touch my heart. They read, "Risin' up, back on the street. Did my time, took my changes. Went the distance now I'm back on my feet. Just a man and his will to survive." Those memories just make me smile. He just makes me smile. He's such a great person. And I know more than anything I'll see him again. I just really, really miss him.

So writing my paper was kinda hard and I shed a few times thinking back on the pain and losing him. Even through I remembered the pain, I also remembered everything I have learned from Nathan and this whole new chapter in my life. I have learned that with friendship, with people coming together so many great things can come. That together we can make magic happen in this world. I ended my paper with the following.

"It will be one year on May 12, 2013 that I lost Nathan. That day will be hard. I will recall those tears and those pains. But most importantly I will remember the life that Nathan led. His friendship is remembered daily, our laughs, our jokes, the fun times – I remember those all the time. Nathan taught me to...

Posted by chris on Wednesday, April 10 @ 15:24:20 CDT (310 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... All in this together.

FRIENDS meganlaughs writes "

Yes, I am a High School Musical fan. There is a song called 'We're All in This Together' towards the end of the first movie. The lyrics sing, "Everyone is special in their own way. We make each other strong - we're not the same. We're different in a good way. Together's where we belong."

I recently watched a movie called Pitch Perfect. Yes, it is a ridiculous movie and I have seen it 3x in the movie theater. Each time i enjoy the experience of going more and more, because everyone is laughing together and clapping together to the music. It is an experience unlike any other I have experienced at a movie theater before. Everyone is laughing together and literally cheering for the good guys to win! Everyone walks out of the movie theater dancing and singing to the music. They are all in it together. 

Posted by jagudo on Monday, January 07 @ 21:23:17 CST (506 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Friendships

FRIENDS meganlaughs writes "

Every day I miss him, every day I hurt. I remember him always; I think of those memories every day of my life. The times we stayed up till the morning hours, our endless car rides, talks about the girls he liked and the boy I like, about our future plans for the summer such as skydiving, and all the times we spent laughing with our friends. 

Those first few days after everything happened, my friends were my strength. They were the ones that held me up when I couldn't seem to hold it together, we were all in it together We talked, we cried, we hugged. There is a common bond I have with those few people that will hold us together forever.

Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, December 18 @ 10:02:35 CST (456 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Close friends

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

LIVING is so BIG because.... well, I myself have some really close friends and they are there for me no matter what..


Posted by jagudo on Thursday, June 09 @ 20:41:53 CDT (871 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... The Ones I love!!!

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living is so Big because I get to spend time with my family and friends everyday. Without them life would be boring to me. 


They make my day feel great. They cheer me up when I'm down. Living is so Big because we must just enjoy what we have and remember we will always have our family and friends.


Posted by jagudo on Wednesday, March 02 @ 20:51:06 CST (752 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Get to see

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living is so big because of the family and friends I get to see each day!

Posted by jagudo on Monday, January 31 @ 14:21:36 CST (832 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... gatherings

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living is so big when gatherings occur. Gatherings such as parties, a get together, reunions, etc. family and friends reunite =D

Posted by jagudo on Thursday, January 27 @ 06:02:00 CST (716 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... my dog


My best friend makes the phrase "Living is so big" work in my life. 

Check out my reason.....Living is so big because my dog is my best friend and can make my terrible day turn into a good day =) I love my dog!

Posted by jagudo on Saturday, January 15 @ 19:39:42 CST (703 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Poker Night

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Getting together with my friends and enjoying a good poker game is always a treat.

Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, December 28 @ 13:46:13 CST (561 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... my family, my friends

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living is so big, and the people in our lives are so big. I'm so lucky to have my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. Everyone in my life is so uplifting and positive. The kind of people you need to surround yourself with are the people who make you genuinely happy. :)

Posted by stephen on Wednesday, November 24 @ 21:25:47 CST (1100 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... best friends

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living is so Big when you have the best friends in the whole world :D

Posted by chris on Saturday, September 11 @ 21:48:22 CDT (641 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... friends to keep you sane

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living is so big when you have the most amazing friends to keep you sane. They are there for you no matter what and you know that you'll always have somebody to go to!

Posted by jagudo on Monday, September 06 @ 11:17:00 CDT (620 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... love and care about me

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living is so big, Because I have a wonderful Family and Friends that love and care about me. :)

Posted by jagudo on Saturday, September 04 @ 14:42:39 CDT (402 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... old friends

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "

Living is so big when you hang out with people you haven't seen in 25 years and start right where you left off!!!

Posted by stephen on Wednesday, June 30 @ 20:34:18 CDT (482 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... birthday wishes


This is why "Living Is So Big"! We have awesome friends and family who wish us a happy birthday and a great day. You got to love it. :)

Posted by stephen on Friday, May 07 @ 11:55:27 CDT (532 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... great friendships

FRIENDS manage writes "

Living is so BIG" because even when you feel like you're alone you can always meet new people and make great friendships. Living is so BIG, don't let the bad times rain on you, instead sit in the sunshine.

Posted by chris on Monday, April 19 @ 22:33:21 CDT (1010 reads)
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Realization Speakers

Jesus and Christopher Agudo, father and son, Co-founded the Living Is So Big movement in 2010. In five years they have evolved immensely. They are Realization Speakers and are for hire. 

With this evolution they have authored many books with their latest called "The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It!

This book encapsulates everything they do.

Every day is important
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"What stands out the most is the PASSION that is displayed with Living Is So Big. Through the message that is shared and the way it’s delivered that passion is definitely felt. Living Is So Big has made a tremendous impact on the program and is considered a true part of the My Daddy Taught Me That family."

-Keynon Lake
-CEO & Founder
-My Daddy Taught Me That
-Asheville, NC

"For just over an hour, everyone in the Sparta High School Auditorium was able to forget about their worries and their life's problems and appreciate the simple joys of life and what they do have. I am extremely thankful for all that the Agudo family does and for how many lives they have selflessly changed..."

-Eric Smuda
-President & Founder of Take Action
-Sparta High School
-Sparta, NJ
"I left the presentation more determined to help those around me understand that “LIVING IS SO BIG” and that it is up to each and everyone one of else to help a friend, neighbor or loved one in need. The Agudo Family is amazing and their passion is contagious."

-Kristi Donohue
-Safe Spaces
-Fulton, MO
"I was very excited to have "Living is so big" at my class at Montclair State University. They were able to really connect to the students. When I asked my students who was their favorite speakers for the semester, it was hands down Living is so big."

-Diane Lang
-Counseling Educator
-Montclair State University
-Montclair, NJ
"Rarely have I seen our students react so positively to Jesus' and Chris' and Iliana's message."

-Joan McNichol
-Harrison Public Schools
-Harrison, NJ

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