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a friend that was going through issues

LIFE Anonymous writes "

A friend of mine had a friend that was going through issues... He was freaking out worrying about loosing her. He told me this and before he had to go I told him to tell her these four simple words "living is so big". You never know how many people in the world care about and love you. Just by telling my friend to tell his friend this... I think I saved a life...

Posted by jagudo on Friday, September 13 @ 10:14:04 CDT (289 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Low point in my life

LIFE Anonymous writes "

Hi! I am at a low point at my life at the moment.  I am always focusing on the horrible things that make me want to end it all.  Life is hard!!!  But then again, what isn't.  After reading much on this website today, I see that there really is much to live for.  Seeing strangers post from wherever they are in life is amazing.  I had no clue! the only clue I had was all the negative stuff in my life.

I will try to focus on some good things that life has to offer.  Never tried it before.  What the heck, might as well try now. After all I did try to end it all. Let me try to start living again.  

Posted by jagudo on Thursday, July 04 @ 17:14:19 CDT (318 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... It Gets Better

LIFE Anonymous writes "

Why do people choose to be miserable most of the time.  Yes, we live in a world that has misery.  But, guess what?  There is satisfaction in this world as well.  I guess that no matter what we all go through, we must believe that it does get better.  Nothing lasts forever, not even misery.  

I have come to the conclusion that we choose our reality.  Wake up people and begin to choose a better reality.  Why?  Because... IT GETS BETTER!!!  Get it?  

Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, June 04 @ 19:44:27 CDT (267 reads)
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LIFE Anonymous writes "

Living Is So Big for me because I am Loving life, Loving friends and most of all Loving family! Every one is here for a reason. Live life to it's fullest! Love my kids and hubby! Thanks for Loving me back and making me feel needed.

Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, May 14 @ 21:36:39 CDT (299 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Sangria is my life

LIFE Anonymous writes "

My reason for living is sangria. If i were not living, then i would not be able to consume the best alcoholic beverage in the world. Peace. :) #SP

-Alicia Feghhi 

Posted by chris on Monday, May 06 @ 12:01:09 CDT (311 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Don't Ever Give Up

LIFE Anonymous writes "

Chris, your story touched my heart. I lost my younger brother on Mother's Day-May 13th, 2001. His name was also Christopher. He died of kidney failure, a battle he fought from age 8 to 23. He was a real fighter right up until his last day at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ. I learned the following from him and wanted to share it with you and your extended LISB Family on the Internet. 

Look inside and decide what you want to be. Life can be a challenge. At times, life can seem impossible. It's never easy when so much is...

Posted by chris on Thursday, April 25 @ 12:22:47 CDT (347 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Take Action

LIFE Anonymous writes "

I'm going to take action because I have a life to live.  I realize that Living Is So Big and by knowing that... I will not waste my precious seconds that I live.  I will take action and be the change I wish to see.

Posted by chris on Tuesday, April 23 @ 21:54:08 CDT (306 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... I can walk

LIFE Anonymous writes "

I have my life, I can walk... everyone should be grateful just because of that.  I know people who can't walk, do not have legs, you get the point.  Anyways, LIVING IS SO BIG!  Always, my reason is because I can walk.  

Posted by chris on Sunday, March 31 @ 22:28:17 CDT (346 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... I'm not too old to celebrate life.

LIFE Anonymous writes "

Yesterday I was fortunate to attend the birthday celebration of a friend. At first I felt out of place...I'm 76 and everyone else seemed so much younger. Then, after meeting Jesus and after he pointed out his beautiful son, Chris,  across the room, he immediately told me about his gratitude for his son just simply BEING...anywhere. I was filled with gratitude for my life and for my four beautiful children.

After a while, I start wondering why I am still around. Yesterday is a reminder that I can begin each day with the realization that "Life Is So Big". To the Agudo family, thank you for all that you do.

Posted by jagudo on Monday, March 11 @ 01:00:00 CDT (472 reads)
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Whether Or Not You Have Stars Upon Yars

LIFE thinkerbell writes "

People shouldn't be black.  People shouldn't be female.  People shouldn't be fat.  People shouldn't be gay.  People shouldn't be poor.  People shouldn't be wealthy.  People shouldn't be Muslim.  People shouldn't be Republican.  I could go on forever about what you and I, as people, shouldn't be.

Where do we learn this?  It can't be innate.  Babies will smile at anyone, true little pink, toothless paragons of acceptance.  They don't care how old, fat, bald, conservative, and/or gay you are.  They're usually just so damned happy to see your face.  No, it is a legacy, something like a beautiful grandfather clock, lovingly passed from generation to generation, only not beautiful in any way.  It is something we teach our children, an heirloom seed of hatred passed down a long line.  Fortunately, the world is shifting.  A wave of acceptance is slowly changing the way we, as a whole, view our world and what we teach our children.

As parents, it is our responsibility to teach them that the only thing people shouldn't do is hurt themselves or one another, physically or emotionally.  Hitting and hating - they both hurt.  What people should do is be kind and compassionate.  Be honest and helpful.  Respect people, their ideas, their beliefs, their choices, and welcome them because of their differences, not in spite of them.  Keep an open heart, and sincerely seek joy for others.  And if you do hurt someone, and you will, be repentant.  And be forgiving of others when they hurt you.  Work together to enrich and improve the world around you, and whatever you do, do it with love.

Thank you for lending me your ear for a moment.  You can have it back now.  Except for you, Mr. Van Gogh.  I'm keeping yours.

*steps down from the soap box and heads to work*

Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, February 05 @ 14:03:19 CST (483 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... No matter what

LIFE Anonymous writes "

Everything that happens, no matter what happens... Realize everything happens to you for a reason.  Never give up.

Posted by chris on Sunday, January 06 @ 00:08:13 CST (439 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Because I was born

LIFE googer writes "

Because I was born...  I was born.  I have a heart-beat.  I can breathe.  I am here for a reason.  So I will continue to live my life.  I have to.

Posted by chris on Monday, November 26 @ 14:02:59 CST (438 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... happy to be living

LIFE Anonymous writes "

I am happy to be living my life because, when I really stop and think about it, to exist is a miracle. To be a conscious being living in a cosmos which at every scale is mysterious and awesome--and to be aware of it all--is a miracle beyond words. Who, realizing this, would not love and appreciate being alive?

Posted by jagudo on Friday, November 23 @ 14:16:25 CST (505 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Much to do

LIFE Anonymous writes "

There is much to do.  There is always much to do, it never ends.  That is why LISB.

Posted by Chris on Saturday, November 10 @ 23:00:47 CST (411 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... All of my achievements

LIFE caesar writes "

I have worked hard.  I have put my sweat and tears into my work.  I have achieved so much.  All of my achievements are what make me happy.  I am so grateful.  Living is so big because all of my achievements are the things that show me I CAN do it!

Posted by chris on Wednesday, October 17 @ 14:48:10 CDT (486 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... The littlest things

LIFE DejayBlue writes "

The littlest things are what make Living so big.  I love to whistle!  I enjoy reading.  I really do love running.  Do you get what I mean?


Note: I am you, as you are me.
Posted by chris on Wednesday, October 10 @ 17:15:42 CDT (543 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Happy mind and happy soul.

LIFE Justinbaconator writes "

L.I.S.B, a concept I came to know last month through Chris, who came into work and told me about it. I have to say, I love it~! The positive energy that the concept promotes helps me through everyday life, and that I tell friends and customers about. 

I think the reason L.I.S.B for me personally, is because I live in an era where people are evolving, becoming more open minded, with more positive energy floating about you know? Much different from the early twentieth century. We've grown a lot as a people, as a whole and that makes me happy to see acceptance and people who genuinely care for others. When every one is singing in key, and smiling just because they're happy, and being respectful of themselves and others. It let's me know: THAT is what I live for. :)

Posted by chris on Thursday, October 04 @ 07:59:59 CDT (503 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Getting outside of the box

LIFE lovelymelody writes "

I recently decided to take a big step in my life and get outside of the box.  You know the quote, "Think outside the box."  Well I left the box and am feeling great! Living is so big, for me because now I see clearly.

Posted by chris on Thursday, August 09 @ 23:12:20 CDT (442 reads)
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Living Is So Big... Morning scene

LIFE Livinlavida writes "

I wake up and take a deep breath.  Wash up, get changed and then walk outside.  I see the mountain range, hear birds chirping, see butterfly's , bugs! insects, trees, leaves, deer.  I smell the dew on the grass.  I feel at peace.  This is why Living Is So Big! Because life is amazing.

Posted by Chris on Saturday, July 28 @ 10:32:52 CDT (1061 reads)
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Living Is So Big... Butterfly

LIFE Limitlesstime writes "

A butterfly, a beautiful butterfly, no matter what color, flies around effortlessly, going with the flow.  I saw that today and it really relaxed me and made me feel like that.  To just go with the flow and realize that everything is going as it should be.  Life is grand and LIVING IS SO BIG, ALWAYSSS!!!!!!!

Posted by Stephen on Tuesday, July 24 @ 17:32:55 CDT (374 reads)
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Living Is So Big... One love

LIFE DejayBlue writes "

When you come to the realization that there is One Love, that we are all One, and every single one of us humans counts.... You will realize that Living Is So Big because we are all important and worth it.

Posted by chris on Wednesday, July 11 @ 11:27:37 CDT (907 reads)
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Living Is So Big... My story

LIFE purpleparadise writes "

We all have a story.  My story is one of overcoming many obstacles and achieving excellence, like the LISB book almost in a sense.  I was in the dark, then escaped it with my power and went into the Light!  Living is so big because I have people who are always there for me, whenever I need them.

Posted by jagudo on Sunday, July 08 @ 10:05:05 CDT (1386 reads)
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Living Is So Big... Daily reminder

LIFE LimitlessTime writes "

I am reminded daily that Living Is So Big by waking up in the morning.  Taking a breath of air, breathing, getting up and walking, eating, drinking, seeing with my sight, hearing with my ears, etc.  Daily reminders we all get, we just need to remember to realize all of these gifts we have.

Posted by chris on Friday, July 06 @ 07:55:44 CDT (1430 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... A new day

LIFE livinlavida writes "

A new day is always available.  If I am feeling down, all I think about is that, a new day has yet to come.  Every day is a new day.

Posted by chris on Tuesday, June 26 @ 19:07:09 CDT (1579 reads)
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The Wounded Refuge... By John Dambold


When asked...  
"How did the wound occur?"  
Silence hung threatening to steal the oxygen...  

Risking rejection...
"How did the wound occur?"  
Still the silence hung.  Finally the Old Oak sighed... 
"A storm"... 
Excitedly the next question came...
"Really, share the story, did it hurt, what did..."

Slowly the Old Oak peered down at his visitor...
"My friend" he stated "it is just a story and I am not that story...  I am a story of Love and Grace...  See here...  This life was born out of the wound but I am not the wound, but without the wound, I would not have this story of Love and Grace..."

After thinking about the Ancient One's words, the visitor said...

Story: The Wounded Refuge
Author: John Dambold
Posted by chris on Thursday, June 14 @ 11:00:34 CDT (597 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Free will

LIFE purpleparadise writes "

Free will.... Think about it, Living Is So Big because we as human-beings have free will which is what make us unique individuals.  Live the life you were given and make the right choices!

Posted by jagudo on Sunday, May 20 @ 22:30:24 CDT (558 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... New chapter

LIFE Anonymous writes "

There is always a new chapter in life.  Living is so big because I am starting a new chapter in my life.  I have finally graduated college and am now moving on!

Posted by stephen on Friday, May 11 @ 17:56:00 CDT (530 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Because I said so

LIFE livinlavida writes "

Living is so big because I said so.  Because it has it's ups and downs, but they are there to make us grow!  Living is so big because when you accomplish your goals, you are invincible ....

Posted by chris on Thursday, May 03 @ 22:51:50 CDT (432 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Always turns out good

LIFE purpleparadise writes "

Things always turn out to be good.  In your favor and for your benefit.  Like a rainy day, then comes the rainbow.  So never give up because things always turn out to be in your favor.  Living is so big, always because of this.

Posted by stephen on Sunday, April 29 @ 19:56:34 CDT (594 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Peace and Happiness

LIFE Anonymous writes "

I live to achieve peace and happiness.  I strive for a world to be in peace and to be happy.  I believe that day will come, soon.  I know that it is possible.

Living is so big for me because Peace and Happiness is what I strive for, and I know that the whole world will have it soon.

LIVING IS SO BIG! Peace & Happiness!

Posted by chris on Monday, April 23 @ 22:01:23 CDT (444 reads)
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Your Choice

Realization Speakers

Jesus and Christopher Agudo, father and son, Co-founded the Living Is So Big movement in 2010. In five years they have evolved immensely. They are Realization Speakers and are for hire. 

With this evolution they have authored many books with their latest called "The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It!

This book encapsulates everything they do.

Every day is important
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"What stands out the most is the PASSION that is displayed with Living Is So Big. Through the message that is shared and the way it’s delivered that passion is definitely felt. Living Is So Big has made a tremendous impact on the program and is considered a true part of the My Daddy Taught Me That family."

-Keynon Lake
-CEO & Founder
-My Daddy Taught Me That
-Asheville, NC

"For just over an hour, everyone in the Sparta High School Auditorium was able to forget about their worries and their life's problems and appreciate the simple joys of life and what they do have. I am extremely thankful for all that the Agudo family does and for how many lives they have selflessly changed..."

-Eric Smuda
-President & Founder of Take Action
-Sparta High School
-Sparta, NJ
"I left the presentation more determined to help those around me understand that “LIVING IS SO BIG” and that it is up to each and everyone one of else to help a friend, neighbor or loved one in need. The Agudo Family is amazing and their passion is contagious."

-Kristi Donohue
-Safe Spaces
-Fulton, MO
"I was very excited to have "Living is so big" at my class at Montclair State University. They were able to really connect to the students. When I asked my students who was their favorite speakers for the semester, it was hands down Living is so big."

-Diane Lang
-Counseling Educator
-Montclair State University
-Montclair, NJ
"Rarely have I seen our students react so positively to Jesus' and Chris' and Iliana's message."

-Joan McNichol
-Harrison Public Schools
-Harrison, NJ

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