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Monday recalls Massachusetts

Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo teaching students of Boston University various formulas and concepts such as, "The Eight Living Realizations." This was April of 2014.

Posted by admin1 on Monday, January 25 @ 13:02:58 CST (627 reads)
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Dedication - BY: Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

I was asked to write my views on the subject of dedication and I said that I would. It made me think and focus on what the word dedication truly meant for me. You see, one must first focus and begin to understand the subject matter to truly come out with your best answer or answers. This allows you to gather each and every angle of your thoughts before writing them down or simply speaking them out load.

As I begin my process of gathering my thoughts to type this article, I realized that in this exact moment I have committed to completing this task. This in itself is a form of dedication for example.

When any individual makes a claim of wanting to complete a task, that individual must and I say must stay true to their claim to ensure the success of dedication. They must understand that being impeccable with their word is the start of any successful action. Such as, in my case of writing this article you are reading today. I am dedicated to completing my task.

Many believe that dedication is solely utilized for special purposes. For instance, many acknowledge that they are dedicated in their relationship or dedicated to work. However, almost everything that you do on a daily basis to complete tasks no matter how minor or how major is also a form of dedication. You thought and decided that throughout your day certain tasks needed to be completed. Each and every task required your dedication. If you decided not to act on the task then you were not dedicated and hence the task was not completed.

In short, we must consciously be aware of our dedication to complete tasks and more importantly, we should be impeccable with our word to ensure the success of our dedication. Making these realizations can and will better improve certain situations.

On another note, the dedication can also be on the receiving side. How many times has some other individual dedicated their efforts for the simple fact of your very own enjoyment? They fell into the form of thinking the task through and had become impeccable with their word to complete their task for the sake of others. Same concept, yet you were on the receiving side of their dedication.

As we continue to move forward begin to actively and consciously utilize more of the word dedication in your everyday life. You will begin see a difference in the way you your perform.

Have fun and stay dedicated my friends.

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 15 @ 13:55:24 CDT (1029 reads)
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Living Is So Big bracelets

Jesus Agudo
BUSY, BUSY, BUSY....That is how we have been doing. If you read the last article posted, before this one, then you know about the book. The book is going through the many stages via the publishing company Balboa Press. They have been awesome and truly helpful. Keep posted to see when we talk about the book's release in the near future, as we will be selling it online.

For further update...Our next dealing is our all new amazing bracelets. We have been putting a good amount of time and energy into designing a new line of bracelets called the "Living Is So Big Appreciation" bracelets. They are something that we will be selling to the public soon to come and know that they will be the next "big thing" and very popular. Zinc Alloy with a band to knot, be prepared to represent Living life and life appreciation by way of the all new fashionable and kickass bracelets. Keep posted to see when these are released as well. They will be sold online soon to come.

Keep on being awesome and always remember that life is supposed to be lived. You have a heart beat.... So you have a purpose. LIVING IS SO BIG.

Sample of the Living Is Is So Big metal mold.
Posted by admin on Sunday, January 25 @ 15:08:24 CST (934 reads)
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Realization Speaker/Co-Founder, Jesus Agudo takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo takes the Als Ice Bucket Challenge, except we did it with a twist of Life Appreciation.

Click on image to go to youtube video.

Link for video:
Posted by admin on Saturday, August 16 @ 15:05:04 CDT (1380 reads)
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Core of Humanity... BY Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

No matter what status or title one has, we as Humans must realize that our core is no different from others. It's the "Core of Humanity" of which resides in all Humans.

No Human is exempt from such a core! When we lose site of this realization, it is when we lose site of how to live and at times go into a dark place of no return. However, realizing the "Core of Humanity" allows us all to shine the light needed for oneself through ones existence.
-Jesus Agudo (Co-Founder & Realization Speaker of Living Is So Big).

Posted by admin on Monday, August 11 @ 22:13:35 CDT (373 reads)
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Have a Good night

Jesus Agudo

When we tell others to have a good night, in essence we are saying to have a night of the best possible outcome. To all of my family and friends... "have a good night!" Same applies to "have a good day!" Much love and light to you all.
-Jesus Agudo

Posted by admin on Sunday, August 10 @ 12:46:11 CDT (275 reads)
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Emporia, KS workshop... BY: JESUS AGUDO

Jesus Agudo

Every Wednesday: Check-In 6:00pm. Workshop begins around 6:15pm. Workshop ends at 8:00pm.

Every Sunday: Check-In 3:00pm. Workshop begins around 3:15pm. Workshop ends at 5:00pm.

In these changing times, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, confused, stressed, angry, even disappointed, know that you are not alone in the way you are feeling. Why not join us and learn how to use the tools you need to re-create your world, your way. Together we can learn how to meet the challenges in our lives in new and productive ways.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 05 @ 19:40:47 CDT (394 reads)
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Purposeful now!!!

Jesus Agudo

"Throughout my existence, I have and still continue to make realizations that one's self purpose is demonstrated in the now. With that being said, create a purposeful now for the rest of your life.."
-Jesus Agudo

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 24 @ 17:47:54 CDT (381 reads)
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Safe Spaces - LISB presentation

Jesus Agudo

We had an amazing time speaking to the kids and the adults for the organization Safe Spaces in Fulton, MO. The message of hope to those that are bullied or sucidial is very important. They help many cope when they arrive in a safe space per se.

Check out their Facebook page: Safe Spaces


Safe Spaces, Fulton, MO - June 2014

Posted by admin on Thursday, June 19 @ 12:23:29 CDT (363 reads)
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The Power of Life Appreciation book QUOTE

Jesus Agudo

“Remember what you are and follow through. Think and act as your own life and not someone else’s. For I am Life.”
-Jesus Agudo - (Page 81)

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 18 @ 19:35:12 CDT (351 reads)
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New Living Is So Big FORUM BOARD

Jesus Agudo

Check out our new "Living Is So Big FORUM BOARD."  

Please visit us at"

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 28 @ 13:06:50 CDT (481 reads)
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March Road Trip - Mission for the kids 2014

Jesus Agudo

(Mar 1-31, 2014) – Month two of the Living Is So Big - Mission for the kids road trip 2014.

Car mileage start: 218,785
3/17 - Hendersonville, NC
3/18 - Murfeesboro, TN
3/19 - St. Louis, MO
3/21 - Fulton, MO
3/22 - Kansas City, MO
3/23 - Emporia, KS
3/29 - Emporia, KS (Bike-a-Thon)
3/29 - Williamsburg, KS (Bike-a-Thon)
Car mileage end: 220,519

The contributions to our Go Fund Me page only allowed us to travel 1,734 miles due to lack of funds and visit a few schools and universities. Please continue to have the LISB team on the "Mission for the kids" road trip be giving them any amount you can. We need funds for the month of April next. Thank you.

Check out our Face Book page to see our LISB road trip pictures.

Posted by admin on Friday, April 04 @ 17:29:15 CDT (429 reads)
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April is Life Appreciation Month

Jesus Agudo

(Apr 1-30, 2014) Let if be known that... April is Life Appreciation month!

Check out and join our event on Face book



Any contribution towards our Go Fund Me campaign is much appreciated.

Posted by admin on Friday, March 07 @ 11:53:48 CST (551 reads)
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February Road Trip - Mission for the kids 2014

Jesus Agudo

(Feb 1-28, 2014) – Month one of the Living Is So Big - Mission for the kids road trip 2014.

Car mileage start: 214,032
2/1 - Hendersonville, NC
2/1 - Charlotte, NC
2/3 - Atlanta, GA
2/4 - Gainseville, FL
2/8 - Kissimee, FL
2/9 - Parkland, FL
2/10 - West Palm Beach, FL
2/13 - N. Miami Beach, FL
2/14 - Gainseville, FL
2/15 - Huntersville, NC
2/16 - Asheville, NC
2/18 - Murfreesboro, TN
2/19 - St. Louis, MO
2/21 - Emporia, KS
2/26 - Kansas City, MO
2/27 - St. Louis, MO
2/28 - Hendersonville, NC
Car mileage end: 218,785

You contribution to our Go Fund Me page allowed us to travel 4,753 miles and visit a few schools and universities. Please continue to have the LISB team on the "Mission for the kids" road trip be giving them any amount you can. We need funds for the month of March next. Thank you.

Check out our Face Book page to see our LISB road trip pictures.


Please contact us in the event you would like us to speak at your Middle or High school.

Posted by admin on Friday, February 28 @ 18:00:00 CST (632 reads)
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Living Life's Dream

Jesus Agudo

The Formula for Life's Dream: (T+E)*PCX=LiDr

Time plus Energy multiplied by Passion, Commitment, Execution equals Life's Dream

Follow the calculation of the formula and you too can achieve Life's Dream. It all begins with time. No matter how busy you may seem, time is always present. Do not dare say that you have "no time!" Saying it allows you to not achieve the Life's Dream. Also, be aware of the energy you use and wisely apply it with that precious moment called time. Time and Energy will be the beginning of any start.

After we make the time and energy available, Passion is a must! We need to acknowledge what we desire, what we want to have. The problem with passion is that most do not recognize it or realize that it is right there on their mind. It's the many thoughts of desire, of achieving and wanting something simple or great. It's the one thought that can make Life's Dream into a reality. Yet, many will think of other thoughts to do instead and miss out. Yes, the clutter and distraction has victory and your Life's Dream has been defeated.

However, If you do not allow clutter and distraction to deter you from achieving Life's Dream, it simply means that you have taken the next step. The next step of the formula called "Commitment." You have decided that this passion must be done and that it is part of what you want to accomplish. Yes, I will do this! I want this! It sounds fantastic. Doesn't it? Yet, this combination alone will not allow you to achieve Life's Dream. The final element of the formula is the most crucial. This will define the moment of who you are and what you want to accomplish.

The final piece of the formula is the following through, the Execution! Most will never complete this part. So close, yet never completed. Is it due to laziness, clutter, distraction or just not knowing how to? Whatever reason you can come up with, it will not change the fact that you fell short. You must act on the rest of the formula! You are allocating the "Time and Energy," thought of what you want or desire, "Passion!" You have the "Commitment" of getting it done and that you will do this. Then lastly, you do follow through and "Execute" on this to achieve your "Life's Dream" formula. Congratulations!!!!

Now, you may have been wondering what in the world is Life's Dream formula. I see the formula and understand its calculations. But what is it exactly?

The end result of the “Life’s Dream” is an uplifting and satisfying moment of accomplishment. It varies from some small thought or a grand thought. No matter what the thought may be, you accomplished it!!! Maybe it's a goal or even becoming successful in business. From this moment on, start living life's Dream.

Posted by admin on Monday, January 13 @ 09:55:22 CST (714 reads)
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Life equals you, plus Living it, equals Life. By: Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

This diagram shows why Life is the way it is today for you and all. Food for thought. I just love drawing up diagrams.  #LISB   (Lf=u)+(Lv it)=Lf

Note: Life is what we make of it by Living it. :)
Posted by jagudo on Thursday, September 12 @ 17:36:09 CDT (319 reads)
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Now, the secret is... listen closely. By: Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

We all, at times, get very caught up in the mix of clutter and distraction. No one is immune from it and you can not run from it. Reason, because it is everywhere 24x7.

What we can do, is to also get caught up in the mix of happiness and joy. Reason, because it is everywhere 24x7.

Now, the secret is... listen closely. The secret is YOU! Only you have the power to choose what clutter/distraction or happiness/joy enters your existence of life. 

Choose wisely my friends and make the change happen!

Note: We all have The Power of Life Appreciation! Choose wisely. :)
Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, September 10 @ 10:20:55 CDT (358 reads)
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why you live life for today, what would you say? By: Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

When asked, if you could tell someone why you live life for today, what would you say?

I would say that I live for me, my family and friends.  The wonderful feelings that I can create and experience.  All of life's enjoyment that I partake in.  Helping others with a simple act of kindness.  For believing in greater things spiritually and for the infinite possibilities of discovering new moments in the now. -J.Agudo

Note: Love and Light to you all!
Posted by jagudo on Sunday, August 04 @ 21:23:56 CDT (262 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Dear YOU. By: Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

Dear YOU,

Life has begun to be unappreciated. Why?  Because, of all the clutter, distractions and more than ever, negativity that exists today.  My son fell into this negative cascade three years ago. It nearly cost him his life and this is just one person.  With 7 billion plus on this planet the shift of Life Appreciation is not in our favor. 

Over worked, stressed, depressed, addiction, technology, bills, basically today’s reality.  Many have forgotten to make the realization of what truly uplifts and satisfies oneself in today’s times. 

It’s never too late! Life can once again be appreciated. 

I write this so that you the reader can begin to make the realization.  Once you have, simply pay it forward as I am to you.

Best Regards.

Jesus Agudo

(Father of two sons)

Posted by jagudo on Monday, May 20 @ 15:16:10 CDT (348 reads)
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You are never too old or too young to appreciate life. By: Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

I had the opportunity of meeting an older gentleman of the age of 76 while celebrating another's birthday at a ripe age of 35.  My Angelic wife, Iliana, first introduced herself to him and then I proceeded to do the same.  He was intrigued about our cause while at the party.  He wanted to know more about Living Is So Big.  So, I told him the core basis of what and why we do what we do.  

He then looked at me and said in a very calm and serious voice... "Am I too old to appreciate life?"  Then he followed through with...

Note: Love and Light to you all!
Posted by jagudo on Monday, March 11 @ 22:54:35 CDT (749 reads)
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How often do you think about what you Appreciate? By: Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

How often do you think about what you Appreciate in general?  It can be anything in this world or even out of it.  I believe that it is not too often for the 6+ billion people on the planet. Fact of the matter is that we have too much clutter and distraction happening to us every single moment of our existence.  This clutter and distraction is always readily available at the blink of an eye.  It is easily accessible, only requires our attention and is always there just waiting for us to consume into our minds.

Now, with that being said...  how often do you think about, more specifically, Life Appreciation? Makes you think… right?  Good! Now is the time to think and consume the appreciative things in your life.  This is why Living Is So Big exists today.  It is here to help remind anyone that needs a little help in remembering.  We all know it, we all experienced goodness, greatness, joy and happiness.  It’s just that this darn clutter and distraction is always around to make you forget.

Your next step is solely up to you of course.  Remember what uplifts and satisfy you.  Begin to search your memory banks and find what triggers certain emotions of joy and happiness.  Don’t be fooled, the joy and happiness comes in all shapes and sizes.  The joy of drinking a glass of water is a perfect example.  How often do you give a big “Ahhhh” after consuming the water?  Guess what?   You just satisfied yourself. A small moment of joy was experience.  Take it for what it’s worth.  It was joyful!....

Note: Love and Light to you all!
Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, February 19 @ 13:34:50 CST (629 reads)
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On April 14, 2010 @ 11:41pm... By Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

On April 14, 2010 @ 11:41pm - Jesus Agudo wrote:

"Living Is So Big... because you are my child and I love you no matter what happens".

Four days earlier from the above date my son had attempted to end his life. I created the website and asked all of you that would listen to share one reason for living. You answered and you answered strong with your priceless thought. For this, I am forever grateful.

Posted by jagudo on Friday, November 16 @ 20:05:10 CST (566 reads)
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My on going thoughts... By Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

My thoughts... LISB always!! =)

Original quotes by Jesus Agudo - © 2010 - 2014

Please credit this page or Jesus Agudo of any quote used. :)


"Making the realization of all uplifting and satisfying moments is what gives you the Power of Life Appreciation."

-Jesus Agudo

Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, October 09 @ 21:51:36 CDT (811 reads)
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Concept of living one's life to its best potential. By Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

How many of us truly understand the concept of living one's life to its best potential? Are we merely pacifying ourselves to accept what we have at the moment? Can we do better? Well, that will always be the question for the rest of our lives.  Yes, we can always do better if we choose to do so.  So, if you are in a dark place or not even close to where you thought you would be in life, then now as in this very second is the time to change that.

First and foremost begin to make the realization of what uplifts and satisfies you in life.  Start off by realizing that you are worthy and have a purpose. Continue that path and begin to focus on those family members and friends that share love and joy. Those that you love and want to be around. Those that make you feel terrific when they ask on how you are feeling. Find the feeling that makes your body, mind and spirit energized.  Partake in the enjoyment of activities, really get involved and have fun.  Lend a hand to those in need.  Offer them your kindness and you will receive a great feeling in return. Also, feel free to look into your spiritual beliefs if need be.  Once you have made so many realizations of goodness, your thought patterns will begin to manifest in a more positive way.

This new thrust of positive energy will rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.  The new discoveries of goodness that surrounds you everyday will be pouring in to your mind.  It still remains within your power to make the wise choices.  Do not allow the clutter and distraction to stop you from achieving your goal of being your best self.  

Note: Love and Light to you all!
Posted by jagudo on Saturday, October 06 @ 10:23:31 CDT (778 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Sent to the Ricki Lake show

Jesus Agudo

The world wants to hear more about Life Appreciation.  I have proven, that despite the Color, Race, Gender, Age, Religion or Country you are from, we all have one thing in common.  That is to live the life we were given to it's best potential.

Let me step back 2.5 yrs ago and tell you why I can prove this.  My son attempted to end his life 2.5 yrs ago when he no longer had reasons to live for.  It did break me down when the Suicide text came in.  IT HURT LIKE HELL!!! 

Much Love & Light to you the reader and the entire Ricki Lake staff.  -Jesus Agudo
Posted by jagudo on Saturday, September 22 @ 11:14:06 CDT (749 reads)
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Why Living Is So Big exists today. By: Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

I was going to save Christopher’s life.  I needed to do whatever it took to make him realize that life was worth the living.  That was my only thought, my single-minded focus.  I was determined to take whatever measures were necessary to make this happen.  My son was not going to leave this earth until he was old and grey, and most certainly not before me or his mom.  Not if I could help it.

The day was April 10th, 2010.  We thought it would be just another day in the life of the Agudo family.  It was not.  Hello, my name is Jesus Agudo and this is the story of how my wife and I almost lost our youngest son and what we did to get him back.


My heart broke.  It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my lifetime.  The thought of losing my child was almost the death of me.  I sat on the edge of my bed and cried the hardest I had ever cried in my life.  Both of my fists were clenched over my eyes.  An overwhelming flood of tears ran down my cheeks.  My arms became saturated from crying.

As I sat there in pain and sorrow, the many memories of Christopher began to flash through my mind.  Memories from Iliana being pregnant with him, the day he was born, him saying his first words, taking his first steps, all the hugs and kisses he would give us and  growing up to be a wonderful, loving son. 


Note from Jesus Agudo: These are some of the paragraphs from the Living Is So Big book "Darkness to Light" Chapter 2.  This is why we continue to this day to day, to promote Life Appreciation, to the world and those in it.  It began as a mission to save my son's life.  Now it is our mission to pay it forward.

Posted by jagudo on Wednesday, September 19 @ 09:38:01 CDT (829 reads)
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Story about a Man... By Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

Short version of a true story.

As I waited in line for my coffee... this occured:
Man in front of me, in the line began to curse loudly at another person.
Man left the line cursing then shortly returned back in Line.
Man turned around towards me and asked, "what's that?" 
I replied, "it's a wristband and it represents Life Appreciation."
Man said, "I like positive things!"
I then in return gave him two wristbands.

Man went outside to his table to drink his coffee.
I went outside to speak with him.
He looked at me and said, "I can feel the electricity."
Man claimed the wristbands made him feel that "Living Is So Big."
Man began to yell and repeated it loudly into the crowd... "Living Is So Big!"

Posted by jagudo on Wednesday, August 15 @ 18:27:29 CDT (487 reads)
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Our Love Long Lasting Ribbon - Part 1 - The Connection

Jesus Agudo

The story behind this incredibly strong and powerful ribbon began when a set of two eyes laid on each other for the very first time. Two kids at the age of fourteen felt at that moment what most would never feel in a lifetime. A surge of electricity ran through their bodies as they remained with their eyes locked on one another. She knew right there and then she had found her life partner. He knew right there and then that she was the love of his life. The certainty of each other’s love was immediately imbedded into their hearts. The formation of Our Love Long Lasting Ribbon had been born on that day.

The meeting of the eyes lasted merely only for a few seconds but to them it seemed like a lifetime. For Iliana, it was the most wonderful feeling she had ever felt. For Jesus, it was the most beautiful site his eyes ever laid on. They did not speak a word while passing each other by that day. However, their eyes spoke out with a thousand words.

Note: How I met my Love... true story.
Posted by jagudo on Saturday, June 23 @ 09:47:20 CDT (1324 reads)
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Do not over work your mind... By Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

Do not over work your mind. Keep the revolutions of thought at a manageable constant pace. Let the mind enjoy, as it processes and learns what it needs at that given time. Try not to overwhelm it with much clutter and distraction. Take a moment to detoxify when needed. Be kind and reasonable with what enters the mind. Be wise and choose the thoughts that best fit your needs.

Rest the mind every so often just by breaking the unchanged routine. Step away and embrace new change. A simple glance out of a window to enjoy the day can suffice. You will make the realization when your mind begins to flow with such harmony. It is all within us to achieve such harmony.

The mind will alert you so please do not ignore it. It merely wants you to feel the best that you can feel. Do not be afraid to open the mind to such feelings of love, happiness, joy or bliss. Do not fear the manifestation of such feelings. Embrace it. Keep sending out the pure thoughts. It will reach its destiny. It will reach the right person that it was meant for. 

Note: Your mind.
Posted by jagudo on Wednesday, May 02 @ 18:17:56 CDT (1365 reads)
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I am a person with purpose... By Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo

I am a person with purpose, life, family, friends, feelings, enjoyment, kindness, spirituality and reasons yet to be discovered. I have no need to run or hide, no need to hate or cry. I am never alone. I look around and see that I am never alone. Look at me as I'm surrounded by sunshine, daylight, air and many amazing people. It fills me and it feels like magic. Look at me as I realize what I have, I have you and much more.

I am not alone. I have many dreams and I accept myself. I live and learn and that is my attraction, what I live for. What will I do? I will continue as I am a person just like you. I have accepted myself and my desires. It fulfills my needs from head to toe. It is safe to be alive. I am here now and now is when it counts. It's safe again to try harder... be alive!  I exercise my self-control and manifest wonders when I apply myself.

Note: Self affirmation for anyone
Posted by jagudo on Wednesday, April 25 @ 18:58:39 CDT (1650 reads)
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Your Choice

Realization Speakers

Jesus and Christopher Agudo, father and son, Co-founded the Living Is So Big movement in 2010. In five years they have evolved immensely. They are Realization Speakers and are for hire. 

With this evolution they have authored many books with their latest called "The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It!

This book encapsulates everything they do.

Every day is important
<< February 2018



"What stands out the most is the PASSION that is displayed with Living Is So Big. Through the message that is shared and the way it’s delivered that passion is definitely felt. Living Is So Big has made a tremendous impact on the program and is considered a true part of the My Daddy Taught Me That family."

-Keynon Lake
-CEO & Founder
-My Daddy Taught Me That
-Asheville, NC

"For just over an hour, everyone in the Sparta High School Auditorium was able to forget about their worries and their life's problems and appreciate the simple joys of life and what they do have. I am extremely thankful for all that the Agudo family does and for how many lives they have selflessly changed..."

-Eric Smuda
-President & Founder of Take Action
-Sparta High School
-Sparta, NJ
"I left the presentation more determined to help those around me understand that “LIVING IS SO BIG” and that it is up to each and everyone one of else to help a friend, neighbor or loved one in need. The Agudo Family is amazing and their passion is contagious."

-Kristi Donohue
-Safe Spaces
-Fulton, MO
"I was very excited to have "Living is so big" at my class at Montclair State University. They were able to really connect to the students. When I asked my students who was their favorite speakers for the semester, it was hands down Living is so big."

-Diane Lang
-Counseling Educator
-Montclair State University
-Montclair, NJ
"Rarely have I seen our students react so positively to Jesus' and Chris' and Iliana's message."

-Joan McNichol
-Harrison Public Schools
-Harrison, NJ

Copyright © 2010-2015 - Living Is So Big, LLC - All rights reserved worldwide.