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52 Live Up Cards - Read All About It

Chris Agudo

Do you want to be a part of history in the making? We’ve got something that can potentially change the world FOR THE BETTER and you can be a major help in this occurrence.

Hello. I sincerely hope and would be undoubtedly appreciative if you take the time to read the entirety of this letter typed for you. The chances rise if you read this letter, that people get the opportunity to know about 52 Live Up Cards. As to not make this a lengthy 10 page paper for you to read, I will do my best in making this letter as short as possible, sweet, and as direct to the point, so that you may fully comprehend what it is I am trying to portray. Statistics sourced from the “World Health Organization” are within this letter, yet, reading from beginning to end is advised for full understanding.

Dear Reader,

They are not your average cards… they are 52 Live Up Playing/Challenge Cards. An innovative and revolutionary concept that seriously has the potential of changing the world for the better and you can be a major help in this occurrence. Pretty cool, huh? Well, let me explain what they are, who created them, how they can change the world for the better, and how you can be a major part in that actually happening. I guess this leads to the question, “Do you want to be a part of history in the making?”

The 52 Live Up Cards act as a tool in which helps craft the card holder’s disposition towards life to a more esteemed version. This benefits not only the card holder, but the people in their life. The mind of the card holder can gradually become aligned to a more beneficial and fulfilling way of thinking. With the continual use of the 52 Live Up Cards, a healthy habit can potentially be formed for the card holder’s benefit with their way of life.

Each card represents an idea/thought that most likely was not contemplated or enacted upon by the card holder previous to having the deck of cards. How is this so? Well, not only are the 52 Live Up Cards just playing cards that one is able to play naturally in any game they already know, but what makes them unique and innovative is the center of each card. Each card has a challenge in the center that the card holder is encouraged to act upon to receive the maximum benefit that the cards offer. These challenges are designed to shift the card holder’s negative, detrimental, or conditioned mundane way of thinking about life into a more gratifying way of thinking. That or simply enhancing the card holder’s already positive way of thinking and reminding such individual certain key aspects beneficial towards life and living it to its best potential. The fun part about 52 Live Up Cards is that there are 52 challenges. In essence, we are challenging everyone to accomplish all 52 challenges. Now, at this point the question can be asked, “That sounds fine and dandy, making the world a better place is always great, but how can you back up what you are saying? What gives 52 Live Up Cards any legitimacy?”

Ah, well I am glad that you asked. You see, what makes 52 Live Up Cards even more powerful is that they were created by a Father and Son team, Jesus Agudo and Christopher Agudo. The quick back story behind them is that in 2010, Christopher, 17 at the time attempted to end his life. Long story short, from that scenario, once Christopher had gotten better, they felt the strong presence of having to pay-it-forward by traveling nationwide to universities, public events, schools, businesses, and anywhere people were willing to listen to them, so that they could explain to people everywhere that “Living Is So Big” because of their appreciation that Christopher was alive and well appreciating life, over all making them stronger as a family...

Posted by admin1 on Wednesday, December 09 @ 11:42:29 CST (596 reads)
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How To Start Your Day - BY: Christopher Agudo

Chris Agudo

Read more until the end of the article and you will be presented a quote from our latest book,
"The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It"

"To be gloomy, or, not to be gloomy?" That is the question. Questions are a great thing, they make us think, they make us contemplate. They give us the ability to wonder and give us time to come up with an answer, without having to jump to conclusions in a rush. When we ask ourselves a question, we have initiated a quest we must embark to attain the answer. Without questions we aren't able to use our minds in a deeper way and that's unfortunate considering the immense power our minds inherently hold.

So as great as that all is, you might be wondering about the question I asked earlier and if there is any significance with it pertaining to this article. The answer is yes. That is the question we must ask ourselves for how we want to start our day. You might be thinking that is stupid because no one wants to start off their day, "gloomy." Well, to assure you, that is correct, no one does but unfortunately there are days in which we start off in a bad mood. The thing is, we're human, we can tend to exhibit un-beneficial feelings because we have programmed in us something called, "emotion." Here is the cool thing though, we have the ability of control and will-power. Those two things alone grant us great power. We can with the power of our will choose to start our day off in a good feeling or choose the opposite.

It's true and I'm going to explain to you just how exactly to start your day off in a good mood and how to carry that feeling with you all day until you go to sleep. Yet, before getting into that, I feel what you are about to read is something we all must understand. The following is true and happened a while back, unfortunately though I do not recall the website. One day I wanted to know more about the mind, so I did some researching online. I came across a blog in which the author was explaining how a group of scientists, I believe, were doing some tests to see how in-tune the body and mind are with each other. So they plugged some wires on an Olympic runner's head to measure the brain waves.

Now I believe they already had measured the brain waves of the runner as he was actually running. So because they had the brain waves of him actually running, they had a reference point for the next tests they were going to do. This time they had the runner lying down with the wires plugged on his head. For this test they told the runner to imagine and visualize himself running as if he was really doing it. The results were shocking. The scientists noticed that the brain waves of the runner as he was lying down visualizing and imagining himself running were identical as the brain waves of him actually running, physically. 

Posted by admin1 on Thursday, October 29 @ 22:43:25 CDT (692 reads)
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Embarrassment - BY: Christopher Agudo

Chris Agudo

Read more until the end of the article and you will be presented an excerpt from our latest book,
"The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It"

Embarrassment is one of the most unnecessary, ridiculous things that we seem to exhibit at various times. It can be known as an emotional and/or thought state of intense discomfort with oneself. Why must we even go through it and experience it? There's no legitimate purpose for it. The thing is, we choose to under-go embarrassment. It is based on our mindset and how we've been conditioned growing up. Here is an example of what I mean.

One day I was hanging out with my friends and let's just say some of them are truly rambunctious. We were driving to the mall and when the car got parked at the mall parking lot, a song started playing on the radio. It was a love song from the 80's. My friend that was driving turned the car off and we all got out to then proceed to enter the mall. In good spirit, one of my friends began to sing the 80's love song out loud. Singing while dancing with extreme hand motions.

He was serious, but at the same time joking just to make us laugh and anyone else walking by us. Immediately I began to laugh followed by another friend that couldn't hold in the chuckles any longer. Then there was my other friend, he didnt even turn his head towards us as he began to speed walk to another entrance door, which was a further distance. This friend was embarrassed by the idea of walking with us to the much closer entrance because of my other friend goofing around, singing for the fun of it.

What was the big deal? Nothing, we were just having fun, but he didn't want to have people thinking a certain way about him. He didn't want to be judged. He was embarrassed by the idea. Why is it that my friend and I were not embarrassed by our other friend singing? How come my friend that was singing wasn't embarrassed? Yet, why was my other friend embarrassed? It is simple, we did not care what others thought. If you care what others opinion are on you, then embarrassment can happen. If you don't then embarrassment doesn't have to happen.

Posted by admin1 on Saturday, October 17 @ 21:28:40 CDT (1010 reads)
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Success and how to obtain it - By: Christopher Jay Agudo

Chris Agudo

There are things that we want and things that we would rather not have, and yet, the fascinating part about this idea is that it differs for everyone. Don't get me wrong, there are certain things that we all want and certain things that no one wants, but for the most part it does differ for everyone. Success is one of those things that everyone wants. We all want it and yet even what defines the word success is different per individual.

An old man once stated that it's not the material things one has that makes them successful or not, that the attitude and mindset are the factors that can make or break if one has success. That was his definition of success, Though that is the case for him, I know many people that would beg to differ. Many would equate success with the exact opposite of his idea of it. Here is the thing though, it is most beneficial to feel good, it really is because feeling bad just doesn't cut it. So first and foremost, do what makes you feel good because whatever your definition of success is, that will come a whole lot easier when you are feeling good.

Like attracts like. The law of attraction. Your definition of success is a good feeling, it will arrive much slower if you are feeling bad and negative, or will not arrive because good feelings and positive frequency do not like conjoining with bad feelings and negative frequency. They are like oil and water, one rises while the other sinks, there is no mixture. There is no harmony in that. An example I can give is this, go back to a memory in which you recall you were feeling good, really good and just had positive frequency. Either that day ended with you in a great mood and a great feeling, or someone rained on your parade that day with their bad mood and negative energy.

When you are feeling good, you like most individuals do your best to stay away from those who are negative because you do not want to end up feeling that way. So if your definition of success has a good feeling to it, which it does, and you are feeling good, then that is good because success wouldn't mind conjoining with you. If you are feeling bad, then success will try its best to flee from you. Think of success as an entity, it like us wants to feel good, not bad.

So, whatever your definition of success is, do your best to feel good. Success is the big fish you are trying to catch. You feeling good is having the right type of bait on the hook in the water. You feeling bad is the equivalent of no bait on your hook.

Success. The word has 7 letters. 1, 3 & 5 are odd numbers. 2, 4 & 6 are even numbers. The letter 's' is odd in the word success because there are 3 of them. The letter 'u' and 'e' are both odd because they both only have 1 letter each in the word success. The only letter that is even is the letter 'c' because there are 2 of them. -'C'- is the only even letter in success because we need to SEE clarity that we must feel good to reel in whatever success means to us. In any event, feel good about living because Living Is So Big. Remember that.

Posted by admin1 on Tuesday, October 13 @ 19:30:03 CDT (791 reads)
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Bigger Picture - Smaller Picture... BY: Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo
Sometimes you just need to look at the big picture instead of focusing on the smaller one. Sometimes it is the other way around. Choose your focal point wisely.

Posted by admin1 on Monday, October 12 @ 18:03:10 CDT (901 reads)
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We have been very busy! The good kinda busy.

Chris Agudo

Hey, what's up everybody! How have you all been? I, personally, have been fantastically amazing! So much has been going on. If you have been checking out the website and following up with each post that we post on here and wondered why we haven't been posting anything for the last couple of months... well that is because we have been SO busy. But this kind of busy is GOOD busy. Let me explain.

We have been working on writing a book! It takes much, much time. From the writing, to the editing, the the reviewing, to the formatting, to the publishing process, etc. Yes and although we have written books in the past, this book is the icing on the cake. Can't give away the title just yet, but it is really intense. This book is truly one of a kind and unique due to the content within it. The goal of this book is to bring the reader a new understanding on how to truly appreciate life as well as the many formulas, tips, suggestions and stories that are within the book. It will be sold online as an e-book fairly soon, so keep posted as to when it will come out!

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Always question... BY: Christopher Jay Agudo

Chris Agudo

We can seem to be susceptible, at times, to being lazier than a koala that is eating bamboo. Don't get me wrong, Koala's and bamboo are awesome and being lazy just happens sometimes. After all, it is best to listen to yourself and your insights. If you're very tired, rest. Don't force yourself to stay awake. If you're very full of food, eat nothing more, do not force yourself to eat more. If you're feeling lazy and just want to kick back and do nothing, kick back and do nothing, don't force yourself to do something if you don't have the urge to do so.

It comes down to us truly listening to ourselves and our insights, yet then a question could be posed, "is there a line when it comes down to this? Where do we draw the line?" Why pose that question? Because what if you start becoming a lazy person always due to you just accepting the idea of doing nothing and kicking back because you "feel" the need to do that. I named this article "Always question" because I am going to discuss just exactly where we can draw that line, signifying to us when it does become too much. I back myself up with the idea of truly listening to myself and my insights, so if I am feeling lazy and want to kick back, do nothing and watch a movie, I do it. I release the little lazy person in me to be as lazy as possible, and enjoy it, because I deserve that moment of relaxation. But before I get right into lazy mode, I question myself and really make sure I truly FEEL lazy in that moment, that I really just want to kick back and do nothing. What do I mean? Here is an example with a thought of eating something: ...

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A thought of Happiness BY: Christopher J. Agudo

Chris Agudo

I decided to share my thought about happiness and how actual happiness brings success.

Click on image to go to youtube video.

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CEO/CO-FOUNDER Christopher Jay Agudo's Birthday!

Chris Agudo

August, 28th. Christopher Jay Agudo's birthday and opinion on birthdays in general.

Click on image to go to youtube video.

Link for video:
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The ordeal with Robin Williams... BY: Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

What gives me the right to state what I am about to state? Well, simple. I'm human and am entitled to my own opinions, but more importantly I myself have attempted suicide. I attempted to end my own life at the age of 17... I am now 21. So I have a knowledge and wisdom in my mind and heart about this touchy subject.

As terrible a thing that occurred with Robin Williams, we need to acknowledge and then move onward. Let us remember the good memories and not dwell on negative aspects of anything. Like I said, acknowledge and take in, yes, but then move onward and remember the good memories. Along with such news of Robin Williams, this phenomena is occurring everywhere, all the time, and we as The People need to feel just motivated enough to, like I said, acknowledge, take in, remember the good memories and then move onward.

Remember the good memories and not dwell on the negative aspects. It's a reality, it-is-what-it-is, if it has been covered that he had taken his own life, then......ok. Sure, it is sad, sure it sucks, sure it needed NOT to happen, truly, because he was a great person that made people laugh and still is through his movies, but Robin had his own life and his own thoughts, and what an individual decides to focus on through their day to day life is their choice. Life is too precious to be taken for granted. Sure, everyone is entitled to their very own set of beliefs, opinions, and actions, because we all have the choice to do whatever we please.

The real question is: how long do we as The People focus on the problem only and not the solution to the problem?

Let me take this moment to explain to you the kind of mindset that I have now as a human being. -A Living Is So Big mindset- Let me further take this moment to explain to you what truly got me out of my depressive, suicidal slump.

"Living Is So Big" is an organization that promotes Life Appreciation. It is "Human Race Based" because, if you have a heart-beat, you have a purpose. The ones behind such a message actively spread this around the globe, via their website "" and visiting various locations around the United States. Schools, Universities, Businesses, etc. Anywhere that people are willing to listen to their take on appreciating life. They also offer life coaching, amongst other programs. Remember if you have a heart-beat, you have a purpose.

I had to get to that because that is what a once suicidal, depressive person (myself) did not believe. Yet, through being introduced to that organization, it literally planted a seed in my mind into becoming a more actively appreciative person with myself, with life, with everything in general that is truly worth appreciating. I am just shining some light. I am not bypassing, neglecting, or refusing this ordeal that Robin Williams had taken his own life by suicide. Like I said, it sucks, it is sad, it is what it is, he did what he did because that was how he was thinking. In my opinion, I do not think that was the "right" thing to do, because Life is much more than anyone makes it out to be, but he was entitled to his own beliefs, opinions and actions. It just so happens to be that he was not clear or did not have clarity of mind as to what truly needed be...(Read More)

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A poem with a twist of Life Appreciation... BY: Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo


Let me see, let me see, let me be what I need to see.
For records sake, I invoke such key.
For records sake, let me see.
I do, I do, I appreciate.
It's truth, it's true, I truly do.
I love the life that I live forever, I simply cannot be negative, never.
I love my heart that beats so nice, I love it like I love my rice.
My life is nice, my life is grand, my life is here right where I stand.
So I declare so loud, I declare right now, I declare to see, to invoke such key, to reveal myself, to deal such self, to peel none else.
I do, I do, I appreciate, for Life Appreciation is necessary.

Note: "When I feel the power within, I let it flow.  Just like my poetic rhymes."
-Christopher Agudo
Posted by admin on Wednesday, August 20 @ 13:05:47 CDT (1502 reads)
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Relax, there's nothing to worry about... BY: Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Hey, guys.  So, when we are all tense, stressed, either angry or sad, any feeling of discomfort attributed by self-infliction, self-thought, it's not a good thing.  I mean literally you begin to feel worse, even physically.  When we are in that predicament, that is a sign or un-clarity and not 100% assurance of whatever it may be.

How do you get out of that?  What is it that can trigger you into a different frame of mind, into a different scenario all together?  Well, it is quite simple.  First of all, just ask yourself why you are in that situation.  Go over in your mind how it is you got to where you are, where you are in such a predicament, at that moment.

Next, simply acknowledge  that you can change it.  That you have the POWER.  I mean, it's true, the power lies in THEE mind.  The one and only.  So, get a grasp of that concept.  No need to stay stagnant, be dynamic.  Once you've acknowledged that, you can move onward, forward, excel, proceed to the next step...


Note: Every little thing is gon' be alright.
Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 12 @ 17:41:42 CDT (352 reads)
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Emporia, KS Grow with Poetry... By: Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Every Friday: Check-In 6:00pm. Poetry ends at 8:00pm.

Expand your verbal and writing skills along with your consciousness when experiencing a night with Christopher Agudo. Share and discuss your poem and dive deeper into the world of no limits.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Posted by admin on Friday, August 08 @ 18:26:34 CDT (286 reads)
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Living Is So Big... Keep On Moving! BY: Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Hey, you... Keep on moving!  What does that mean?  Well it means a lot of things.  But what I mean by that is in the sense that if we keep stagnant then we keep still.  We keep "lazy." We keep "stale." Etc. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is okay to chill out and relax and be "lazy" because there is no need to over-heat.  Yes, when we are tired and our feet are aching, we rest and relax to regain our strength, but, the problem comes into play when we regain our strength and are feeling good and continue to be lazy.

So... keep on moving, be active, and feel good about it.  To keep on moving, to be active, to have that flow going is to have progression and onward movement.  That is the moral of.... (Read more)


Note: Keep on moving and progression will flow.
Posted by admin on Monday, June 30 @ 18:15:32 CDT (406 reads)
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Common sense is like breathing. By: Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Common sense is like breathing. The more you do it, the easier it gets. After all, it is a natural state of being and is habit due to the necessity of your lungs. Common sense is breathing, so when you must come down to a final decision, utilize common sense, it is easy........just like breathing. To go against common sense is equivalent to holding your breath... No body wants to suffocate. Just breathe.

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 28 @ 21:55:58 CST (666 reads)
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What do you like to do?... BY Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

What do you like to do?  Stop and think about it for a moment.  What I mean by this question is, what is your hobby, or, what do you enjoy doing?  The reason I am asking you this is because it seems as if humans in this time and age are completely putting distance between the things they enjoy doing and themselves.  Most of us, for the most part, have gotten to a point where being in enjoyment, happiness, and fun is completely foreign.  Maybe as babies and children we were immersed in all of this, but growing up it seems to go away, and that is completely by our own choice, believe it or not.


So by now, have you thought of an answer to the question I asked in the beginning of this article?  If not, stop reading this and come up with an answer.  And DO NOT think that you have no answer because "nothing" gives you enjoyment, or that whole response of negativity.  There is at least one thing that gives you enjoyment, and that is a fact.  As for me, writing rhymes/rap, running, hiking, hanging out with friends, and much more gives me enjoyment.  If I have to pick one then, writing rhymes/raps.

I have realized sometime last year that I was detouring away from doing that, I haven't written rhymes/raps in a while and I thought about it.  "What made me not want to do that anymore?"  It was because of my attention to the clutter and distraction that consumed me.  Seemed that society had taken a hold of me and distracted me from doing what I enjoyed.  well, I realized that and got back on track with daily writing from then on out.

Posted by chris on Friday, June 28 @ 14:58:25 CDT (289 reads)
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We all have problems... BY Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

I have literally met more than a hundred thousand people throughout my life and one thing I have concluded is that, we all have problems.  The many faces, personalities, people.....Everyone has problems, I see it in everyone.  Yet, no matter what problems you have, someone has it worse than you, and despite you having problems, you can overcome them and become the boss of your own life, as it should be.

Don't make excuses anymore.  Stop being negative (if you are) and be more positive.  It feels good (trust me) ...  Sure sometimes, we get down to a low point in our life, for whatever reason, but, what counts is recognizing where you are and getting back up and moving onward.  Why?  Because Living Is So Big.  And I'll leave it at that.  Don't be sad, you deserve to be happy, so do it! =)

Posted by chris on Saturday, May 18 @ 21:16:25 CDT (382 reads)
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I appreciate Life! By Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

To get involved in this movement happening this month, goto: 

APRIL is Life Appreciation month!

Posted by chris on Thursday, April 04 @ 11:43:41 CDT (364 reads)
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Planet Earth...BY Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Planet Earth.  What is "planet Earth?"  Well... a planet, number one.  Number two I'd have to say it is home for many.  Number three, a place where there are a vast array of beliefs and opinions.  Earth is the third planet from the sun and the only world so far known to the public to support an atmosphere with oxygen, oceans of liquid water on the surface and life.  It isn't a perfect sphere.  I mean, there is a lot to Earth and despite Humanity making mistakes throughout history, Earth still stays strong.

What does that tell us?  That we can depend on Earth.  That she is there for us.  Now you may be wondering "why?"  "What does this article have to do with Life Appreciation?"  To be quite honest, you appreciate your life, right?  Well how about appreciating Earth's life and taking care of her.  I can't even imagine how much junk has been littered, whether in the ocean or on the surface land.  If you truly appreciate your life and others then it should be easy for you to respect Earth. Earth is a place where you were born, so how about treating her with respect and appreciation... 

Note: Peace, Love, & Happiness
Posted by chris on Tuesday, March 19 @ 10:19:09 CDT (416 reads)
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Chris Agudo

Do not forget to have time for yourself.  Now a days, things may seem a bit chaotic and fast-paced with this society, so why not stop and try a new route.  How about instead of worrying about the bills, acknowledge the bills in a calm and collective manner and all the other clutter and distraction and move on taking some time out for yourself.  Actually, take A LOT of time out for yourself.  Do something you enjoy.

Personally I take care of Mind, Body & Spirit on a daily basis.  For me I make it a point to do this everyday, or else I may feel a bit dragged if not.  I continually feed my mind positive thoughts.  That's one for the mind aspect.  Check.  I workout and eat as healthy as possible.  That's another for the Body aspect.  Check.  As for Spirit, I like to meditate, or walk around in nature.  Spirit aspect.  Check....

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to you all.
Posted by chris on Sunday, February 17 @ 17:33:00 CST (434 reads)
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The journey... By Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Life is a big journey.  A journey meant to have experiences, trials, tribulations, ups & downs.  The highs and the lows.  The cool and the not-so-cool.  Life is what you make of it.  To me it is a journey.  Something that I cannot give up on.  Something that I should not give up on.  Something that I will not give up on.  I know that anything can happen, and whether it is something bad that will happen, that won't stop me, because I know there is more good to come. 

My Life Journey has been a windy path, leading me to new places, meeting new people, experiencing new things, etc. And I enjoy all of this.  I am thankful for all that has happened and all that will continue to happen.  For certain individuals that help me along my Life Journey I am forever thankful of them.  As I am the help to other individuals...

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to you all.
Posted by chris on Saturday, December 08 @ 20:42:40 CST (531 reads)
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Being Human... BY Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Hey, i'm currently human.  Being human means a lot and is a lot of responsibility.  With this comes the word, "emotion" and that can really affect you.  Sure, I get down sometimes, meaning "angry" or "sad" for whatever reason.  But the important part is not about that, but more so that I remember to get back on my feet, push forward, and realize that Living Is So Big.  Why would I EVER give up?  Why would you?  It makes zero sense.  I mean really.  Think about it...

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to all.
Posted by chris on Friday, October 19 @ 11:36:44 CDT (587 reads)
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Chris Agudo

You ever feel down?  You ever feel like the weight of the world was on your shoulders and you just couldn't take it anymore?  Well, if you have, or are currently feeling that way, you aren't alone.  Many people feel that way, but tend to keep it to themselves, in the hope that no one will find out because it would be embarrassing if they did, or some other reason.  Well let me tell you that, no matter what you go through, no matter how bad it can seem to be, that everything happens for a reason.  You may not understand it at that specific time, or maybe will not understand ever, but you don't necessarily need to understand because things happen all the time.  All you need to do is pick yourself up, dust your shoulders and continue to move forward on the journey called life.

Don't get stuck in a pity party, you have more power than you think, you just aren't giving yourself credit.  We all have free-will and the definition of that is: "The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion."  If you aren't happy with where you are in life, don't blame others or situations because, to simply put it... you are the one that chooses what you are going to be doing, at all times.  You control your life.  You are the pilot to the plane in your life, no one can make you do anything.  No one can make you feel a certain way, you choose to be affected by something or someone then in turn end up feeling a certain way.  So take control and move forward with your life.  Don't be affected by others opinions.  They are just opinions as you have your own.  We are all entitled to our own opinions, so be strong with yours and take action with your own life...

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to all.
Posted by chris on Monday, October 01 @ 22:16:55 CDT (617 reads)
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Tomorrow is another day... BY Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

"Yesterday" already happened. "Right now" is occurring and "Tomorrow" is another day. You cannot change what has already happened, your past. The events which took place are already set in stone within your mind. So there is no point in dwelling upon anything whether good or bad that has already occurred, simply because, it has already happened.

We move on. Push forward. Keep on going not knowing what is around the corner. Which is good...

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness
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Keep persistent... By Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

You have to keep persistent, always, no matter what task you are trying to accomplish. 

"If at first you don't succeed, try and try again."

That quote resonate's with me because I have an experience with that.  I wrote a song and was super proud of accomplishing that.  The next step was to record it.  So I did.  Actually I tried, and tried, and tried.

It just wasn't coming out right.  I wanted to give up, I even said, "forget it!"

So I slept that night angry that I couldn't do that.  I gave up, then...

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness
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Chris Agudo

There are 7+ billion people currently living on planet earth!  The way I look at it is that there are 7+ billion friends I have yet to meet.  They are not 'strangers', or 'scary', they are simply friends I have yet to meet.  Think about that...

This may be a new concept to you, you may think that this is balogna.  You may even think this to be obscene and not true.  Well, honestly, it is very true for all of us. 

You may be reading this and I may not know you, but I guarantee that if I get to meet you then we shall become friends.  That is how I think, because all of us naturally have a tendency to want to be friends and want to be at peace.  That is human-nature.

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to all.
Posted by chris on Monday, May 21 @ 18:05:52 CDT (541 reads)
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The way we act... BY Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

The way we act is the way of a sincere humble manner, yet we also act the way of an ego, greedy, and manipulative manner.  I call it the teeter-totter effect. 

As the human-race we must realize that we are all equal and all of importance.  We must come to the realization that to live together in peace is natural and the way to go.  It is the way we were meant to be, at peace and helping one another out. 

Do not let the teeter-totter effect tilt towards the ego, greedy, and manipulative manner, yet lean towards the sincere humble manner.  Be the one you set out to be.  

If you see someone in need of help, help them out.  If you see one who has fallen, lend your hand to help them get up.  Simple acts of kindness and humility go a long way, way farther than those acts of the ego.

The day will come when we are all at peace and living the life we set out to be, but till that day, we are still in the chaos we have created here on earth from the many, many centuries of being here.

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to all.
Posted by chris on Tuesday, May 01 @ 18:23:34 CDT (476 reads)
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Chris Agudo

The fact that you are born is an amazing accomplishment.  To know that you were given life, and have a whole lifetime of experiences to go through.  That in itself is amazing, if you really think about it.  I mean there are seven billion plus people on planet earth.  And, you the one who is reading this is apart of that huge number.  That is amazing!

To know that people care about you whether they are family or friends, is also something that we must not forget.  To have our own personalities, beliefs and opinions.  To be individual.  That is amazing.

To have a brain, mind and body.  To have five senses.  To make choices.  That is amazing.  

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to all.
Posted by chris on Sunday, April 22 @ 16:51:50 CDT (1575 reads)
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FIVE SENSES... BY Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Five senses..... 

It is human to have five senses, born into five senses.

Hear, smell, taste, touch, Sight.

To be given these gifts is incredible in itself. If you dis-agree try one day without one of them. 

-Close your eyes all day and attempt to walk around everywhere. 

-Do not touch anything all day and attempt to get things done. 

-Hold your nose while eating food and drinks and do not taste. 

-Hold your nose and breath through your mouth, no smell. 

-Cover your ears tightly and attempt to not hear a thing all day. 

It is difficult if you have had all five of these senses your whole life to attempt any of these. Be thankful for all of them because they help us to get through the day, each and everyday.

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to all.
Posted by Chris on Tuesday, April 17 @ 09:16:37 CDT (1639 reads)
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Worry-free... By Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

Two ways you can live your life... with worry or worry-free.  Everything happens for a reason, so don't feel like certain things that happen to you are unfair, because every single challenge you go through in life is meant to happen.

So you can learn and grow from that challenge to get better, eventually to be the best that you can be.

Note: Peace, Love & Happiness to all.
Posted by chris on Saturday, April 14 @ 19:23:54 CDT (541 reads)
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