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Spread the Joy

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "One of those moments I had where I really felt happy to just BE ALIVE was one of my work shifts at Chick-fil-a. I had just been listening to some classic 80's music (some of my college friends got me into it) and I was feeling really energized. 

That shift, I worked extra hard to put my energy into serving the guests. Whenever I made a customer smile, I felt fireworks of joy inside me. Working at Chick-fil-a has also really taught me the simple and profound power of a smile. 
Posted by admin1 on Saturday, January 21 @ 13:08:28 CST (234 reads)
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Hope for Change

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

My husband gives me a reason to live every day. On many days I want to give up. I've had surgeries, I've lot a cat we had for many years, and now my best girlfriend has decided that she needs "space", which to me, means "goodbye". But my husband is a rock, and he is a man who changes when needed, and leaves me notes every morning in my coffee cup.

Posted by admin on Sunday, June 07 @ 14:22:16 CDT (873 reads)
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Living Is So Big.. Kindness exists

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

Living Is So Big because kindness still exists in the world.

When an act of kindness occurs both parts release a chemical in the brain making them feel good.

Posted by jagudo on Thursday, November 14 @ 19:44:54 CST (505 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... One Million Acts of Kindess

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

One Million Acts Of Kindness is a goal. A goal for each person to individually perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in their life. Can you imagine a greater goal for one’s life? It is a constant mind-set of kindness every day of your life for the next fifty-five years. Doing for others and kindness in your heart for everyone. It is my wish that you will dedicate your life to a charity… finding the passion in your heart for something or someone in need.

As a father of three college age kids I am concerned for the world in which all kids will live. A great way to create a safer, more caring world is for everyone to start their lifetime goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness. So I bought a bus, had about sixty family members, friends and neighbors help paint it and began a ten year journey with my Boston Terrier, Bogart, to college campuses across the country hoping to convince as many of you as possible about this much needed movement for this world. I love you guys too much to sit back and not do anything about this. Let’s start a kindness movement in this country today to change the direction this world is headed!! You are the change that this world needs.


Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, June 04 @ 14:04:55 CDT (321 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... living love

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

My name is Suz but many people know me as Fuzz Bomb. Everything I create , everything I touch and everyone I am blessed to meet ends up being far softer and more loving. I live through love. I speak love. I am love. And as my inner world becomes more loving, the outer world responds in kind.

My story is far longer than this space will allow. There have been so many circumstances that others have called negative, overwhelming, challenging and unfair. In the midst of dis-ease and pain, I have found a few simple truths that my heart prompts me to share. 

I do the best I can with what I have. And that is enough. Multiple Sclerosis has limited my energy. So I have learned to use the time I have to focus on love. I focus on what is in front of me and I choose to use my energy wisely. Love is never wasted. Even the most angry person is affected. It may not change their actions but my responses change my experience. Sometimes I am called to plant seeds that I am not to see grow. Planting loving thoughts is enough.

And one more thing for now... and this one I'm still working on accepting...


FuzzBombCraft (at) gmail (dot) com

Posted by jagudo on Thursday, May 09 @ 10:24:26 CDT (329 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Getting involved

KINDNESS meganlaughs writes "

Something that changed my life forever was choosing to get involved. 

I found the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in May of 2012. I immediately contacted them asking how I could volunteer. They sent me a package of information explaining their mission and what they offer to others. 

I knew I wanted to help more. 

They often say you lose yourself when helping others. And I wanted to do that. 

In August of 2012, I participated in the Out of Darkness Walk in Salt Lake City, Utah. It helps raise money and awareness for suicide prevention. You are also able to walk in remember of the loved you have lost to suicide. 

I also have been able to participate in my local chapter  of AFSP; which taught me that when you are able to relate to someone who is struggling with the same thing you are - walls are broken down and barriers are removed. 

At the Out of Darkness walk, I was able to meet the members of Living Is So Big. They taught me just not about suicide prevention, but about life appreciation. What do you have to live for? What makes you happy? How do you appreciate life? It changed how I viewed things; it also inspired me to keep helping.... 


Note: .
Posted by chris on Thursday, January 24 @ 14:56:26 CST (406 reads)
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KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." -Philo of Alexandria

Posted by jagudo on Monday, October 29 @ 08:18:46 CDT (453 reads)
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Living Is So Big... Kindness

KINDNESS jayhawk writes "

Try it sometime, try being kind once in a while.  It will make you feel pretty good about yourself.  Being kind does not mean you are weak.  It simply means that you are KIND!  

Doing something for someone else other than your self does take work.  However, it is well worth the reward.  Something simple as a smile, to holding a door, saying hello or even lending a hand with expecting nothing in return.  

Even though you expect nothing, sometimes the Universe will reward you greatly.  Like I said in the beginning of my statement... try it. :)

Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, July 17 @ 18:25:42 CDT (1539 reads)
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Living Is So Big... People like you

KINDNESS Katana writes "

People like you are what make Living So Big for me.   Because I know that there are people out there in the world who are making a difference, and it feels good to know that I am not alone in wanting to help people out.

Posted by jagudo on Tuesday, July 03 @ 16:06:53 CDT (1025 reads)
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KINDNESS iamsoul writes "

This is my first article I am submitting, so let me know what anyone thinks.  My name is Johnny and I currently reside in St. Augustine.  I have come to the conclusion that "Kindness" is a powerful thing.

It can lift spirits and make you feel better. 

The thing is...

Society today influences people in not so good ways.  It seems as if people today find it hard to be kind.  Like, it is second nature and if kindness is an act then it can't be done.  

That is what I think a lot of people today think about it.  If only people can truly see the power behind kindness and use it every day, would the world be a better place. 


Note: May the Light shine through the eyes of our souls.  4ever Love&Light.
Posted by stephen on Friday, April 13 @ 13:04:06 CDT (586 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... coaching

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

I love to coach and help others that is why Living is SO BIG for me :)

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, March 13 @ 23:09:40 CDT (454 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Living is giving

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

Living is giving, Caring is sharing, LISB always =)

Posted by chris on Monday, May 23 @ 01:09:20 CDT (952 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... helping the Human race

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

Living Is So Big when you actually step up and help the Human race and not just talk about it. Please walk the walk just like the folks are doing from Living is so big. Kudos to this family for trying to help the human race and make this world a better place. Peace, Love and Joy.

Posted by jagudo on Saturday, May 14 @ 10:07:21 CDT (1458 reads)
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KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

Living is so big because I get to help people every day. I get to see a smile on somebody's face everyday and it is beautiful.

Posted by jagudo on Saturday, March 12 @ 17:27:54 CST (831 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... care for others

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

"Living is so big" because I get to care for others everyday as a nurse and be loved and cared for by so many family and friends!

Posted by jagudo on Monday, January 24 @ 21:47:54 CST (774 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... smallest thing's you do

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

Living is so big because you can change someone else's life. 

The smallest thing's you do for someone, like just listening to them, or giving them advice, maybe even just being their friend, can make a world of difference to them. Not only this, it could change your life too.

Posted by jagudo on Wednesday, January 19 @ 08:09:29 CST (653 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... Grace of others


To grow, love and see the peace, beauty and grace of others. This is why I believe living is so big!

Posted by jagudo on Saturday, December 25 @ 17:25:42 CST (623 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... reach out to one another

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

Living is so Big when you realize that people all over the world suffer with all kinds of problems just like you do, but the beauty of it all is how we reach out to one another in love and continue to live day by day one step at a time.

Posted by jagudo on Sunday, August 08 @ 11:08:58 CDT (468 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... nicest kids at Starbucks

KINDNESS iliana writes "

Living is so Big... because I saw the nicest kids at Starbucks today. They loved the wristbands I handed out to them. This is what it's all about.

Posted by chris on Thursday, May 20 @ 22:00:05 CDT (400 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... makes you and your life "So Big"

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "

You may not think people love you or count on you, because they may not tell you as much as you would like or need. But you touch peoples lives everyday, maybe unnoticed by you, but that is what makes you and your life "So Big".

Posted by Stephen on Saturday, May 15 @ 10:01:52 CDT (463 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... smile at someone

KINDNESS iliana writes "

Living is so big when you smile at someone everyday. You could effect that persons day for the better.  :)

Posted by jagudo on Wednesday, May 05 @ 13:23:06 CDT (483 reads)
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LIVING IS SO BIG... smallest gesture

KINDNESS CircleofLife writes "

Living is SO BIG because even the smallest gesture can mean the world to someone.

Posted by stephen on Friday, April 16 @ 14:08:44 CDT (675 reads)
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Your Choice

Realization Speakers

Jesus and Christopher Agudo, father and son, Co-founded the Living Is So Big movement in 2010. In five years they have evolved immensely. They are Realization Speakers and are for hire. 

With this evolution they have authored many books with their latest called "The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It!

This book encapsulates everything they do.

Every day is important
<< February 2018



"What stands out the most is the PASSION that is displayed with Living Is So Big. Through the message that is shared and the way it’s delivered that passion is definitely felt. Living Is So Big has made a tremendous impact on the program and is considered a true part of the My Daddy Taught Me That family."

-Keynon Lake
-CEO & Founder
-My Daddy Taught Me That
-Asheville, NC

"For just over an hour, everyone in the Sparta High School Auditorium was able to forget about their worries and their life's problems and appreciate the simple joys of life and what they do have. I am extremely thankful for all that the Agudo family does and for how many lives they have selflessly changed..."

-Eric Smuda
-President & Founder of Take Action
-Sparta High School
-Sparta, NJ
"I left the presentation more determined to help those around me understand that “LIVING IS SO BIG” and that it is up to each and everyone one of else to help a friend, neighbor or loved one in need. The Agudo Family is amazing and their passion is contagious."

-Kristi Donohue
-Safe Spaces
-Fulton, MO
"I was very excited to have "Living is so big" at my class at Montclair State University. They were able to really connect to the students. When I asked my students who was their favorite speakers for the semester, it was hands down Living is so big."

-Diane Lang
-Counseling Educator
-Montclair State University
-Montclair, NJ
"Rarely have I seen our students react so positively to Jesus' and Chris' and Iliana's message."

-Joan McNichol
-Harrison Public Schools
-Harrison, NJ

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