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The ordeal with Robin Williams... BY: Chris Agudo

Chris Agudo

What gives me the right to state what I am about to state? Well, simple. I'm human and am entitled to my own opinions, but more importantly I myself have attempted suicide. I attempted to end my own life at the age of 17... I am now 21. So I have a knowledge and wisdom in my mind and heart about this touchy subject.

As terrible a thing that occurred with Robin Williams, we need to acknowledge and then move onward. Let us remember the good memories and not dwell on negative aspects of anything. Like I said, acknowledge and take in, yes, but then move onward and remember the good memories. Along with such news of Robin Williams, this phenomena is occurring everywhere, all the time, and we as The People need to feel just motivated enough to, like I said, acknowledge, take in, remember the good memories and then move onward.

Remember the good memories and not dwell on the negative aspects. It's a reality, it-is-what-it-is, if it has been covered that he had taken his own life, then......ok. Sure, it is sad, sure it sucks, sure it needed NOT to happen, truly, because he was a great person that made people laugh and still is through his movies, but Robin had his own life and his own thoughts, and what an individual decides to focus on through their day to day life is their choice. Life is too precious to be taken for granted. Sure, everyone is entitled to their very own set of beliefs, opinions, and actions, because we all have the choice to do whatever we please.

The real question is: how long do we as The People focus on the problem only and not the solution to the problem?

Let me take this moment to explain to you the kind of mindset that I have now as a human being. -A Living Is So Big mindset- Let me further take this moment to explain to you what truly got me out of my depressive, suicidal slump.

"Living Is So Big" is an organization that promotes Life Appreciation. It is "Human Race Based" because, if you have a heart-beat, you have a purpose. The ones behind such a message actively spread this around the globe, via their website "" and visiting various locations around the United States. Schools, Universities, Businesses, etc. Anywhere that people are willing to listen to their take on appreciating life. They also offer life coaching, amongst other programs. Remember if you have a heart-beat, you have a purpose.

I had to get to that because that is what a once suicidal, depressive person (myself) did not believe. Yet, through being introduced to that organization, it literally planted a seed in my mind into becoming a more actively appreciative person with myself, with life, with everything in general that is truly worth appreciating. I am just shining some light. I am not bypassing, neglecting, or refusing this ordeal that Robin Williams had taken his own life by suicide. Like I said, it sucks, it is sad, it is what it is, he did what he did because that was how he was thinking. In my opinion, I do not think that was the "right" thing to do, because Life is much more than anyone makes it out to be, but he was entitled to his own beliefs, opinions and actions. It just so happens to be that he was not clear or did not have clarity of mind as to what truly needed be...(Read More)

I can honestly say that if I am able to get out of my depressive, suicidal thought process and become a person thriving and appreciating life and myself then ANYONE can do this.  Anything is possible with a mind consciously deciding and desiring a change. So I am going to end this article with this...

-Living Is So Big, yeah it's true... Why do we forget? I'm not sure but we do, tend to lose it, mis-use it, abuse it, we need to rememeber what its about don't confuse it.  This world today revolves on negativity, it's time to close that chapter in life and see simplicity. Living Is So Big.

Posted on Friday, August 22 @ 17:08:17 CDT by admin1

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